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The number 72 evokes certain passions among those who are Rangers supporters. The Club was founded in 1872 and, a century later, recorded possibly its greatest triumph when Rangers defeated Moscow Dynamo 3-2 to win the European Cup Winners' Cup, the only European trophy to date to have been paraded round Ibrox Park by a victorious Light Blue side.

Therein lies the essence of The Spirit of '72 merchandise. Whatever '72 you are naturally drawn to, be it the formation of the Club or the date of the European triumph, both are pivotal, defining moments in the development of the greatest football club the world has ever known.

The Spirit of '72 encapsulates a number of significant elements relative to the club. The shield was a factor on the early Rangers strips back in the 1870s, while the Crown is that which would be worn by a reigning male Monarch, notifying the bond between Rangers and the Monarchy and also representing the time when Rangers themselves were Kings of Europe in 1972. It also symbolises a partnership ofideals when, with a female Monarch being on the Throne in 1872 and 1972, Queen Victoria in the first instance and Queen Elizabeth II in the second - Rangers took up the mantle of being the quintessential Scottish and British Club, exemplifying devotion to their country, their Queen and their cause. With a Queen on the throne, Rangers were the Kings of their own domain, of their people, their history, their heritage.

Rangers are a unique institution, this unique range of merchandise helps to tell that story.